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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the advantage of the DRUMBUDDY?

Modern marching snare setups need a matching carrier and the combined cost is usually $300-$400 or more. Now you can turn your current drum into a marching drum for about $100.

How is it constructed differently?

The DRUMBUDDY consists of a chest plate and drum tray made of lightweight, high impact plastic attached to the player by a polypropolene harness, similar to the new saxophone straps that go around the chest.

Can the DRUMBUDDY be used with any snare drum?

Yes, as long as it is not a full size marching snare.

Are there width and height requirements for the drum?

The diameter of DRUMBUDDY (17") allows all modern snares (which range from 13" to 15" diameter) to fit with extra room for the drum's hardware. DRUMBUDDY is designed for the lower height of the concert or modern snare, as opposed to the tall marching snare. See the VIDEO for some examples of snare heights that can be accomodated.

Is it difficult for the student to put on DRUMBUDDY and install the drum?

Just like putting together a drum kit for the first time, there is a specific way to assemble the DRUMBUDDY. Installing the drum is as easy as placing it on a table. The harness is simple to put on and easily adjusted. Please see the PDF printout for assembly instructions.

Does it require special tools?

There are no tools required to assemble DRUMBUDDY.


Will it fit easily in the bus or car trunk?

DRUMBUDDY is small and light, making transportation easy.

Are there any breakable pieces?

All pieces are durable and have been specified to meet extreme heat and cold.

Are there any separate pieces that can fall off or get lost?

Just like a Clarinet or Flute, there are different pieces that the player must retain.

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